“A thing that is not alive, something that doesn’t breathe or live, and yet palm trees, a pomegranate, the possibility of a snake: these fragments make up Gallet’s “I Feel Bad About Inanimate Objects” series, shot in Thailand over the course of three months. It seeks, to paraphrase the authors’words, to tease narrative meaning from sequences of both posed and accidental photowork. The photographer hopes to make manifest objects’ capacity to trigger social interaction, and her trip to Thailand, a country with “an animist perspective”, offered an opportunity to do so. The selection, in two parts, presents color shots of objects isolated from their surroundings (a fruit, a statue, a covered car) and black and white images showing anecdotal evidence of resilient growth in an urban setting. The latter are both monumental and powerfully elegant: they demonstrate Gallet’s keen eye for composition and texture, and track a form of interspecies cohabitation that is very alluring.”

Lucy Conticello for Fotofilmic publication.


“Avec une approche très plasticienne - voire conceptuelle - faisant la part belle à la nature morte, à l’objet, à la lumière et à l’abstraction, les clichés de cette série révèlent une intimité et une homogénéité de l'écriture photographique qui est au service du propos de l’artiste”.

Stefano Stoll, Directeur Images Vevey, Conseiller Artistique du Prix HSBC pour la Photographie 2019.

work in progress


Archival Studies is a hide and seek game of a moment in space and time that was once fixed, through the exploration of a man’s photographic archive.

This project started as this man - my father - was diagnosed at an early age with Alzheimer’s disease. Considering this set of photographic material as the depositary of his memory, I am attempting to generate a dialogue with him through the alteration of these existing images.

The photographs are being physically manipulated and re-contextualised, looking at the actual photographic content as well as the archive as a sculptural object. These visual relations to antecedent realities echo to the illusion of permanence and intend to offer an alternative space for fictional memories or sometimes honor the absence of memories.

Historically constructed as a feminine disorder thought to be caused by a defect in the womb, then later seen as an emotional affliction, the term is eventually reclaimed by feminists who see hysteria as a pre-feminist rebellion against patriarchy and oppressive social roles.

Founded in 2013, 643 Collective is a group of 6 visual artists based in New York, Paris, Sao Paulo and Seoul.


2019 Nov 19-22 / Unseen Book Market, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019 July 3-6 / Temple Art Book Fair, Arles, France
2019 May 17-19  / Libros Unidos, Teatro Faenza, Bogotá, Colombia
2019 / Artefact Marais, Paris, France
2018 Nov 7 - 10 / Polycopies, Paris, France
2017 / Melhores livros de fotografia brasileiros de 2017, Zum
2017 Oct 14 - Nov 4 / Notas al Futuro, Mexico City, Mexico
2017 April 26 - May 6 / Notas al Futuro, Bogota, Colombia
2017 March 17-19 / Feira Plana, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2016 Nov 12 / DC Art Book Fair, Washington
2016 Sept 15-18 / NYABF, MoMA PS1, New York
2016 Sept 21-25 / The Future Perfect, Photoville, New York
2016 Sept 16-Nov 20 / The Future Perfect, Rita K. Hillman Gallery, ICP School, New York
2016 June 9-July 31 / Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens
2016 June 10-12 / Annual Zine and Self-Published Phonebook Fair, CCNY, New York
2016 Jan 15-17 / Feira Plana, Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, Brazil
2015 April 26 / Brooklyn Zine Fest, New York