Feel Bad About Inanimate Objects All the Time is a series of photographs made in Thailand over the course of three months in early 2018. The title is inspired by messages found in online forums where people were having conversations about infusing things with feelings.

We indeed have long constructed social relationships with non human entities: from children developing attachments towards inanimate objects to the worship of idols or the animistic worldview where objects, plants, animals, rocks and natural phenomena, possess a soul and can influence human events.

This project is a series of photographs taken in a place where the animistic worldview guides many of the daily activities, blurring the boundaries between self and world. The work proposes a visual exploration of our direct experiences with things and their narrative trigger power by bringing together results of happenstance and staged photographs.


“Avec une approche très plasticienne - voire conceptuelle - faisant la part belle à la nature morte, à l’objet, à la lumière et à l’abstraction, les clichés de cette série révèlent une intimité et une homogénéité de l'écriture photographique qui est au service du propos de l’artiste”. Stefano Stoll, Directeur Images Vevey, Conseiller Artistique du Prix HSBC pour la Photographie 2019.